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Dear Diana,

The ribbon heirloom pieces arrived today. They take my breath away. You have created priceless pieces of art that so many in Alex’s family will cherish for years to come. Thank you for sharing your unique talents—the love, the patience, the attention to every detail, and your enormous talent is obvious in every stitch, embroidered message, and design. They are spectacular.

My message to your audience is that the pictures of your ribbon work do not do them justice. They don’t come close to capturing the beauty and magic of your art.

Thank you for honoring Alex’s passion for horses and her equestrian accomplishments so exquisitely. We lost her way too soon, but her spirit rides on in your work.

With love and gratitude,

Jane, George, and Zeke

I would like for you to see the messages I received when I sent the pictures to members of Alex’s family:

• Wow - these are all incredible!  I can't wait to see the items.  They are beautiful - just like Alex!  Nice job Jane.

• VERY COOL! We're blown away -- we want one! Alex loves it -- she's smiling! Thanks for sharing -- we LOVE you!

• Dear Janey-
I just opened the pictures a few moments ago and they took my breath away.....  I had an idea of what you wanted to create with the ribbons, but the finished project is far beyond the abilities of my imagination!  This is such a tribute to Alex's incredible skill as an equestrian,  her amazing spirit and enthusiasm for life, and  the boundless and everlasting  love of a her mother. Alex is.......

• These are awesome!! I love it! What made you think to do this? It is truly amazing!

• Jane, What a beautiful way to honor all of the blood, sweat and tears that went into earning those beautiful ribbons and  memories. Now you all have an original "Alex" piece of art. You are truly an inspiration to aspiring "Horse Show Moms!" We absolutely love it and love you!!



• Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Janey! These are beautiful!  I can't wait to see them in person!

• These are amazing! What a great idea.  Such a lovely way to celebrate such an incredible girl of many talents…always in our hearts… xo

• Incredibly beautiful and unique, just like her!

• I'm blown away by the amazing idea and the talent that made it a  reality! WOW!!! Love every piece!

 • Jane,
These are so beautiful!!  The pictures took my breath away-Alex was so beautiful and talented.  Thank you for sharing these with me:)

Beautiful!!! Really, they are just breathtaking!

• Jane, these are absolutely amazing and GORGEOUS!!  I love them - I knew they would be awesome when you described them, but I just didn't envision how beautiful they would be put together - including such wonderful pictures!   Thanks so much for sharing...made my day!

Words can’t adequately express my profound gratitude to Diana.  My mother was an avid horsewoman, and over the years she won hundreds of ribbons.  After she passed away, I was looking for a unique way to preserve her memory and a friend suggested a “ribbon quilt.”  I searched the Internet and saw many examples, but once I saw Diana’s professional website and beautiful pictures of her work, I knew I had to contact her.  I’m so glad I found her!  Diana worked with me every step of the way, from my first call to final shipment of my products, and I hope to remain in contact with her.  Diana created a colorful, stunning quilt and four beautiful pillows from my mother’s ribbons.  Not only are the items beautiful, but her workmanship is meticulous and exquisite.  Diana knew exactly what I wanted, and she delivered quality products that I proudly display in my home.  Now I can enjoy the beauty of the ribbons, and call to mind the treasured memories I have of my mother. My ribbon quilt and pillows are my most prized possessions.  They are an enduring tribute to my mother, and I am forever indebted to Diana.

Samantha Chevalier - New Orleans, LA



We received the box this afternoon.  THANK YOU! While my husband and I are overwhelmed with the wreath and wall hanging, Grace and Alex, both 7, were more fascinated with the box, paper packaging and bubble wrap.  I cannot wait to show everything to Grace's coaches who I know will also be amazed (and will gladly forward your contact information for them to provide other parents).  You can be sure you will hear from me next year for a 2013 ribbon project!   

Mary Kay






It's gorgeous! Everyone was so thrilled with everything
that I forgot to take photos. It was pretty emotional, with
matching rosettes and all. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!
I am attaching a photo of them at the Senior Prom just so you'll
see what an adorable couple they are. He's valedictorian. You are
giving them something they will never forget. Thank you so much!

Eve Fudge

Fantastic! Super--
Our pillow arrived today and it's
fabulous!  Thanks so much--
my daughter is thrilled!

Thanks so much! – Bryn

Hey Diana!
The pillows arrived and they are beautiful!!!!!
Wow, those are super!!!!

Thank you so much!!! – Julie

Dear Diana,  Thank you so much for the incredible and stunning works of art you have done!  I am so pleased and can't wait to give these gorgeous pillows to my boss and my mom as their Christmas presents!!  You are making me look good, and I won't be able to top this year ever!!  What a talent you have!! I will keep you posted of every one's reactions at the holidays, and thanks again for working on them so they are ready for Christmas.  Happy Holidays,  Sara Vanecek

Diana, I’m delighted to hear from you and I love the pillow you created. I’ve shown it to lots of horse friends so greatly admired it! And taken your name and number from me We’d love to have you do a booth or some display board at our Grand National Horse Show – I’m confident you’d get lots of orders!

Julie Broadway
AMHA & AMHECT Executive Director
802-985-4944 ext 201

Hi Diana,
Thank you SO much!  The pillows finally arrived! They are BEAUTIFUL!!!  I will see Barri on Monday (she has been away this week), and cannot wait to see her face when she opens these! I think I will have more orders for you throughout the year!

Hi Diana!
SO the pillows were a HUGE hit!! Everyone at the barn loves them.  Barri said they are the most amazing gift she has ever received. She was absolutely thrilled with them! I will have some more projects for you shortly. We unfortunately lost two wonderful horses the past several months, and I think their owners would love a pillow with their ribbons.

It arrived!!! It's magnificent. I can't wait to see my daughter's reaction on Christmas morning. I'll send pictures! You did such a great job. Thank you for all your hard work.



They look beautiful! Thank you!
Diane J.

Your work is beyond fantastic.

Nancy S.

Hi Diana,
Mark just opened the box and absolutely loves the pillows! And the wreath is so much more formidable than I thought it would be = it's fantastic. Your workmanship is just excellent. Thanks for making such wonderful gifts. We will enjoy them for years to come.
Have a terrific Thanksgiving,
Beth F.

Wow! They look absolutely fantastic. Thanks so very much. I look forward to seeing them "in the flesh".

Beth F.

Wow, you are awesome!!!!!

Gorgeous!!!!!! Perfection!! You are a genius!!
Kristen D.

Dear Diana,
We presented your beautiful quilt and pillows to our daughter last night.  She leaves for college next week.  She absolutely loved it!  You did an amazing job.   It was even more beautiful than I had hoped.  Thank you very much.
Carol Archer

Dear Diana,
The ribbon pillows you made for my daughter are absolutely exquisite – beyond anything I’d imagined! She is absolutely thrilled with them and I can’t wait to share them with her friends and their moms at the barn. I know they will be lining up to place their orders! It is a perfect solution to the boxes and boxes of ribbons we had stored up for years. On top of that, I get to have her smiling face and her pony’s right in the middle. Now we need a quilt to complete her room! I can’t sing your praises loudly enough.

Debbie Rodriguez

Just to let you know I received the pillows and they are perfect.
My mom loved hers and ours is proudly on display. Thanks so much,
Marta Blanco, Miami, Florida


Hi Diana,
After a long train ride home from college, I arrived in New Jersey to come home and see a beautiful banner you constructed. The ribbons were intricately hand sewn together making a stunning design. I am so glad I trusted someone with so much experience to take apart meaningful ribbons and turn them into an even more unforgettable memory. Thank you for all your hard work. I will be sure to spread your name around so equestrians like me can have ribbons turned into a lifelong keepsake.

Good luck with the rest of your creations!
Kelsey George


I had been looking for a way to display my granddaughter's award ribbons and so I went searching online. I saw some okay ideas but when I found Distinctive Designs By Diana I was so impressed by her work. I was also impressed by the personal attention she gave me throughout the process making sure that she was making Bella's keepsake perfect. Her pictures on her website are beautiful but when I opened the piece I was even more impressedat the quality of work and detail she put into it.

I have to admit sending off Bella's hard-earned ribbons was a little scary but I am so happy with Diana's work that I recommend her now.

Thank you, Diana, for blessing us so beautifully with your gift of quilting.

Pamela Zbyczik... Isabella Berkheimer's proud Gramma

Thank you so much for making my beautiful banner! Your creativity and talent took my dusty, old ribbons and made them into a beautiful memory that I can proudly hang in our home. I can't thank you enough for the time and care you took to work with me in creating this work of art. It brings a smile to my face every time I look at it, and will be a beautiful memento when I hand it down to my granddaughter!

Thank you so much!
Mary Douglas

Hi Diana,
It's Meghan - recipient of the best birthday surprise from my mom (Debbie)! I was blown away by the sentiment and memories behind the amazing quilt. Your hard work on it is clear and the thoughtful touches like the secret messages and photo on the back personalized for me that you and my mom thought of make it truly special!

I will cherish this quilt and will be taken back to my childhood years and happy memories of horse shows as I look upon it and pass it down through generations.


Dear Diana,
I cannot thank you enough for your beautiful design and hard work on my quilt. It is truly a work of the heart. These are not just ribbons, but rather "little memories" of many years of my life. Each one has a story and up until now they sat in a rubbermaid container.

Sharing the stories with my family has been a gift. Although they don't share my passion in the equestrian arena (they are hockey and tennis players), they understand work hard and can see the years of dedication to my sport. This has been a wonderful opportunity to reflect with them about my life growing up - not just with horses, but with everything.

I am very much looking forward to showing the quilt to my parents. Obviously they played a big part in supporting my riding as a young person. I hope to see them next month when they return from Florida. I'm sure they will have many more stories to share with my kids about early morning hours, driving everywhere, snow, rain, heat (it sounds like the postal service)... they were instrumental in helping me achieve my dreams. It's a good time for me to remember to thank them again.

Thank you so much for helping me preserve these wonderful memories!



Dear Diana,
When my son Dan unwrapped this Christmas present, he said two things, "Aw, look, it's a pony pillow!" and then immediately, "Jeez Mom, stop with the waterworks!" So you could say two things: we're a sentimental family and your beautiful pillow was a huge hit. I'm going to keep it safe for him while he's in the Navy and on the move. The pillow will be a treasured addition to his bed, which is covered with a quilt made from his ice hockey jerseys and a 1940s wool blanket that belonged to his grandfather in college.
Dan's in a tough program in the military -- nuclear school -- and when he first came home for holiday leave, he was all business, brisk and clipped. After a day in the barn with the horses, though, he slowed down and became the easy-going young man we knew before he went away to boot camp. He fell back into the soothing rhythm of farm life, emptying buckets, raking the driveway, turning out mares, playing with the weanlings. He's leaving tomorrow and looks rested and refreshed. He jokes about stuffing the pillow into his seabag and someday sleeping on it while deployed on a submarine ... but we both kind of suspect a "pony pillow" might not add that manly touch on a sub rack (that's a bunk bed to us landlubbers). So it's win-win for me: I got the joy of commissioning an heirloom from you, and I also get the fun of keeping the pillow until Dan someday has a home (and dare I say, pony-loving children) of his own. Whenever I look at the pillow, I'll think back to that great horse show summer with "Captain Nemo the wonder pony" and my terrific son. I'm so thrilled that you've transformed a handful of modest ribbons and rosettes into a precious keepsake that my grandchildren (there I go again, jumping over a fence before the horse does!) will love hearing about. Thanks for preserving those memories in such a special way.

Connie Nesteruk
Full House Farm •  Doylestown, PA




The new pillow is proudly perched on Sarah's bed (I'll take a photo soon) and she says she 'looooooves it!"

Thank you again,


Dear Diana,

Just got the pillow. Looks great! She will love it when she opens it on Christmas!

Caryn Kaub

Dear Diana,
I would like to thank you very much for a gorgeous quilt. Your work and design of the quilt is perfect. The children haven't seen it yet as I am saving it to show them for Xmas when they come home from college. We will together pick a place in our home to hang it. Thank you very much for preserving a special time in our lives that we enjoyed together as a family.

Thank You
Cheryl Mucciolo

Dear Diana,
The photo pillow that you made for our Mother’s Christmas present was one of the highlights of our Christmas. She was so touched when she saw what it was – she cried and then we all cried. You made it so special with your search for vintage material and lace – the quilted pink was perfect for the pillow and matched the pink dress our mother was wearing and of course the vintage lace set if all off. The picture of our mother and her sister was taken in approximately 1924 and had quite a bit of damage on the original. The copy you put on the pillow was so clear – we thank your professional photographers that made the print.
Diana, your skill and talent were put to good use – it made our Christmas. Your craftsmanship and talent shown through in this gift. Thanks again for your care with our Christmas project.
We will think of you every time we see the pillow.

Rande Hackler, Virginia

My granddaughter’s pillow arrived yesterday, and it is just beautiful!
I know it will be a wonderful keepsake in the future to remind her of her riding days.

Thank you so much.
Rose Marie Stefanski

We received the pillow today and it surpassed all my expectations.
I actually cried when I first saw it. You have been truly blessed with an amazing talent.
To be able to take someone's memories and transform it into something so beautiful
is a gift. Thank you so much for doing this for us. My daughter is in love with it!!!!
I am taking it to the barn tomorrow to show Abby's friends so be prepared for
some more orders. We will be back in touch after this show season
is over to make another pillow!

Thanks again,

I love my custom photo pillow! Diana did a fabulous job in her selection of colors and fabric patterns! Together, they complement the color of my dog, Max, beautifully. You can see the excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail in her work.

Kristin Hlavac-O-Brien
Happy Go Lucky Farm
Yaphank, New York

The pillows that Diana creates are wonderful lasting memories.
I'm very glad that I have one.

C. Hallock, Florida

I really love the pillow Diana made with my dog
Finney's picture. It is all hand stitched and the workmanship is exquisite. Everything Diana does is of such fine quality.

Susan K., Freeport, NY

Diana made me three pillows, one for each of my horses. Each one had a photo she had taken, surrounded by intricate patch work, coordinated to the colors in the picture. They are quite a conversation piece, and very unique.

Barbara Yoerger
N. Fort Myers, Fl.

Diana produced 3 beautiful cushions for us each adorned with family pictures. They are exquisitely crafted and everyone who sees them comments on their intricate stitching - a truly original product!
David West
West Sussex, England

I have known Diana Berthold for over 25 years. Her design and workmanship are meticulous. She has a strong work ethic. Her love and knowledge of horses has inspired much of her work which she is able to express in a very unique way in her quilts.

Vera Tonry, (Spinner, Weaver, Fiber/Textile Designer - Artist, Master Gardener)

Hi Diana,
Just saw your horse show ribbon quilt. I loved it, what a creative way to use the ribbons, instead of just hanging them around. I especially like the idea of the pictures included, shows the origination of the ribbons. You always come up with such creative ideas.
Keep up the good work. See you at guild.

Beverly Delaney (Eastern Long Island Quilt Guild Board Member)
Sag Harbor, New York

I have seen Diana’s quilts and they are works of art!
Her attention to details is meticulous and her execution and “eye” for design is superb. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have one of Diana’s masterpieces is very lucky, indeed!

Barbara Messina
Medford, New York

What to do with all those ribbons your children have won? We want to save them, but they always seem to end up in boxes.
To those of you who have shown, those ribbons represent a lot of sweat and tears and, of course, money. Our family solution, we called Diana. She took many of those boxed-up ribbons and turned them into a quilt. My daughter now has her memories on the wall, not in a box, where she can look and remember all those great times she had in the show ring.
As a mother, every one of those ribbons represent time spent with my daughter that I may not have had. As I look at the quilt and she leaves for college, I will remember
fondly every moment spent with her and the memories we made that will live on forever.
We thank Diana for the time and consideration she put into our memories.
She was the answer to the age old question of what to do with all those ribbons.

Terrie Bauer
Westhampton, New York

You have truly outdone yourself once again! After seeing the Horse Show Ribbon Quilt, I could not even imagine how you could top this? Not only is it beautiful with all of the colorful ribbons and photos that you have incorporated but just the imagination it took to design such a quilt. I was truly amazed but not surprised that you would create something so breathtaking, your talent once again shined through.

Keep up the innovative work so that you will continue to dazzle us again! Bravo!!!

Donna Marcley
Sayville, New York

Diana has been a fellow designer for many years. She not only excels in her creativity but in her workmanship, attention to detail & total involvement in any project she undertakes. I am constantly reminded of her dedication to her craft whenever I see another of her creations. Any association, person or teaching facility that may have the good fortune to work with her will surely agree with my assessment.

Linda LoCascio (Artist/ Designer)
Clearwater, Florida

Please let me say a few words with respect to Diana Berthold, regarding her as a friend and regarding her as an artist.

I have known her for over thirty (wow!) years and in my mind could not ask for anyone better to share good times and not so good times with. She has always stepped up to the plate when needed or has offered a solution to whatever issue was at hand. She is a person that you can count on.

Over the years I have accumulated various items that Diana has created and either given to me or has mailed to me to put to use and let her know how the items worked out. They always revolved around the horse world since both of us shared horses as the passion in our lives. I can't begin to tell you how great her designs are and how useful her creations are. A few years ago, she started to produce pillows and quilts in addition to the handbags, jackets, and various other items she creates.

She sent me a pillow with a picture on it of me and my favorite student in New York. I cherish that pillow and it sits next to my bed. Sometime when she's not so busy doing commission work I hope to have her do another pillow of my favorite Jack Russell. I can't imagine having anything else as precious for a memory.

So, if you are considering Diana to reproduce something special for a memory or for a gift, please do not hesitate. Her work is not only lovely but she is meticulous in the process.

Carla Hallock

When I opened the package that contained my quilt, it was 1:15 am, after a long day of traveling to attend my friend’s wedding. I couldn’t wait! I HAD to see the ribbons (which brought such joy and satisfaction to my life) in their new physical form. What a euphoria it was! I carefully laid out the quilt on the floor and looked adoringly yet scrupulously at the stitching, the patterns, and the entire whole of the quilt. My husband commented right away that you had taken great pride and attention to detail in your work. I was quiet and he asked if everything was ok. I was lost in all the tapestry of memories…but soon came to and commented on the elegant workmanship and how happy I am for making the decision to have a quilt made.

I am so grateful for the dedication, consultation, and planning you put into the quilt. It really shows that you take notice to your client’s interests. As each day goes by, I look up at the quilt, which hangs in a special place near my horse pictures. The quilt brings a smile to my face. I’m so happy to have experienced the disciplined and demanding equestrian years. It also reminds me that I need to “get back in the saddle” so to say; maybe not horse shows, but I do miss horses in my life. Perhaps, after my school and career change expenses, I will have another horse again to re-ignite the bond between horse and rider.

What people have to say about the quilt:

My parents, who were the ones who made it all possible:
“What a wonderful way to preserve such wonderful memories. Just looking at the quilt reminds us of the long hours you put in training and the long hours we put in ring-side, cheering, nail-biting, and just being proud of our daughter, no matter what the award!”

My best friend and long-time riding companion and competitor:
“Rach, this is an amazing idea to keep your equestrian memories. I find myself looking at the picture you sent and getting lost in the “riding days.” It brings back memories of watching the school clock, only to race out to the stable after school and ride until sunset. Or, the long, lazy days of summer where we rode at any chance we could get, trained for shows like we were Olympians, and just spending quiet times with the horses.”

My friend who didn’t even know I rode:
“WOW! (looking in awe at the ribbons and pictures, mouth agape.) You ride those big animals?” --this response was just classic!

I’m looking forward to bringing my quilt home at Christmas so I can show my relatives, especially my two grandmothers. One loves to knit and quilt (she helped my cousin with a quilting and knitting project with 4-H). The other grandmother loves horses. She was an accomplished horsewoman for her time and I know she would love to see the quilt and for me to tell her about some the special memories.

Rachel Ostraat

"I absolutely love my ribbon pillow! The quality is outstanding. My pillow was a first for Diana, as I had wanted her to add a few rosettes to it. She was skeptical, but came up with some amazing ideas for it. This was a truly unique gift for my best friend, but I will definitely be back to have one made for myself."

Corey Golden
Perkasie, Pennyslvania

Dear Diana,
The quilt was absolutely magnificent. It brought tears to my daughter's eyes as she began to reflct on all her memories of horses.

Many of the family members were just in total awe of such a masterpiece. My younger one is already asking if she will be getting one for her graduation.

The quilt will truly be a treasured keepsake for Jen with all the memories of her "Horsey Experiences."

I became a little teary eyed just watching her and hearing her stories.


Thank you so much for all your work. Both pieces are incredible!
Thank you! I will definitely be sending you more ribbons in the future!

All the best,
Georgina Bloomberg

Thank you so much for the lovely ribbon pillow – not only did I receive the pillow well before Christmas (even though I placed the order late in the year) it was exactly what I had envisioned. I had the pillow made as a gift for the owner of the little black mare and she was absolutely thrilled with it. It now sits in the center of her trophy room. She particularly liked the way you had framed the black ribbons as a border. Absolutely wonderful work and I look forward to having a pillow of my own made!

Margaret Fiester
Crofton, MD

Just wanted to let you know I received the quilt and pillow.
They both turned out great!
It is nice to have such a special way to preserve some of my childhood memories. Thank you!

Cristina Barbara
Vancouver, BC

I contacted Diana to make a pillow from my daughter's horse show ribbons as a birthday gift. It was finished sooner than I expected which was a pleasant surprise! My pillow arrived from Diana and it was more beautiful in hand than I ever imagined. The detail in the stitching and pattern she chose for the ribbons was exquisite! Her work is of the highest quality--She is truly a gifted person! And her friendliness and enthusiasm is contagious! I am forever grateful to her for creating such a sentimental and personalized keepsake for my daughter. It is something that is so very unique and will be treasured over the years.

I had tears in my eyes when I opened this pillow! I can't thank you enough for creating such a sentimental keepsake. I am sure it will be treasured forever. It is simply gorgeous! And the detail is exquisite! I am speechless!


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